Busisiwe Ntuli

From A Millennial’s Perspective With Busisiwe Ntuli.

ETE: "How would you describe your journey as a working professional to now being a working mom?" BN: "My journey as a working professional has been challenging but remarkable. I’m a firm believer in the value of internships because they work as a stepping...
Consistency In Self Development

Consistency In Self Development

As we draw into the new month of February with new opportunities that awaits each day it is highly important important to recognise and acknowledge the small values we have set for ourselves in stimulating the essence of what is justified as healthy habits or norms...
Bonolo Manesen

My Story Feature With Bonolo Manesen

ETE: As an event practitioner what motivated you to explore your skills into the studies of events management? BM: When I decided to study events management in 2017 it was not because I really wanted to do it, but because I had to take a bridging course for my Bcom...
Lead with renewed determination

Lead with renewed determination

Lead with renewed determination. In good spirits of getting renewed within defining what leads with hope, resilience and determination at your own terms. It is highly important that each of one of us takes great interest of who we are becoming and why is it important...
Akasha Rogers

My Story Feature With Akasha Rogers

  ETE: “What motivated you to study Information Technology?” AR: “Information technology is one of the most in demand and scarce skills in South Africa. Being awarded the opportunity to study IT was even a greater opportunity for me to contribute to the industry. I...
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