Sipehelele Ngcobo

My story feature with Siphelele Ngcobo

  As a young man from the Eastern Cape studying at the university of Fort Hare what kind of social and economic exclusions did you face whilst being a student? University of Fort Hare is a university that is based in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape in a small...
Self Doubt

Self Doubt

  Today we shall be reflecting on self-doubt and how we as individuals can put a false perception about the possibilities of who we are? What we are doing? And where we are going? We can find ourselves fighting with our instincts because we are not definitely sure if...


Thank you for taking the time to join us during this hour to engage with different topics where some of us may struggle to implement healthier habits to get over a certain problem that may have affected us for a couple of weeks, months and perhaps even years. Whether...

Women In Business Initiative Launch

Women In Business a non- profit organisation aiming to uplift and to empower women of colour who are eager to further their higher education, get trained and mentored by established associates leaders. Whereas knowledge and practical learning will form part of a tool...
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