Ms. Fezeka Mkabela a BA Film & Television student at the Witswatersrand University who was crowned 1st princess for the Miss Wits pageant in 2016. Ms. Mkabela is a young lady who generously enjoys expressing her natural beauty on various social networks for the purpose of celebrating her & exercising the importance of loving your self & accepting the flaws as part of your beauty.


Engage To Evolve had the opportunity to interview Ms. Fezeka Mkhabela on who she is & what she does.

ETE: “Describe yourself as student, daughter & woman?”

FM: “Being a student, daughter and a woman are the fundamental aspects of my life. I’m currently a film & television production student – a course & career path that excite me so I’m very much dedicated & focused to that in particular. Of course, I love my mom so being her daughter is a privilege to me. We live in a world where it’s difficult to trust people fully but your mother is somebody who always has your back & for that I am very grateful. Wow, as a woman there is definitely too much I could say but for now I’ll just say that I’m a womanist & feminist who absolutely believes in black girl magic. “

ETE: “What inspired you to express your inner confidence by the using social media platforms?”

FM: “It’s honestly something I never sat down & thought about. There is a point in your life where growth takes place & you begin to love the skin you’re in & I reached that point in my life. It’s a journey every girl embarks on where you have to fight your insecurities & see beauty where you once believed there to be none. It is a journey of growth I’m still taking & I’m overwhelmed that people on social media can see that & receive it so well. “

ETE: “What are the available dynamic resources available for women to feel beautiful and confident from the inside?”

FM: “The best resource is you. In order to feel beautiful and to be truly confident is something that radiates from within you. When you decide to block the negative voices that constantly replay in your head telling you that you aren’t beautiful or that you aren’t good enough & start filling your mind with positive thoughts you will be amazed at how beautiful & confident you can truly be. The only two things I can add to that is firstly, never to compare yourself to someone else because you are enough & I also believe that taking care of your body boosts your overall inner confidence; exercise & trying to keep healthy is an amazing way to enhance how good you feel about yourself.”

ETE: “What is your opinion about women who degrade each other on social media platforms?” “Have you been a victim of negative comments that has been left on any of your social media pages?” “How did you deal with it?”

FM: “Confident women who are focused on building themselves do not have time to leave degrading comments on other women’s pages. In order to leave hurtful comments on someone’s post is a reflection of who you are because when you are happy and content with yourself it’s automatic that you have a positive vibe about the world around you so you don’t have to the energy to degrade only to empower. Although it’s not a common occurrence; people are very supportive on my social media pages there are those odd few commenters but they get blocked or ignored. “

ETE: “Describe your experience of being crowned the 1st princesses miss wits 2016 & how has it changed you as an individual?”

FM: “Miss Wits was such a wonderful and eye opening experience. It was my very first beauty pageant so initially; when I entered I was taking a leap of faith. I wanted 2016 to be the year where I do incredible things and Miss Wits was definitely one of those things. Being crowned 1st Princess was bittersweet because winning is something I would’ve loved. The reign is such an incredible platform to touch people’s lives. However, to get that far was a great achievement and I’m a firm believer that some doors don’t open for you because there’s a bigger path being paved for you. I wouldn’t say it changed who I am but it definitely made me believe in my capabilities more. “

ETE: “Who is your female role model who leaves you feeling inspired & confidence in your own skin?”

FM: “My sister, she’s always encouraged me to love myself and in such a materialistic world I’m happy she taught this very important lesson. I remember when I was young, I use to always complain about my legs, face or weight & she was the one who turned it all around for me & made me understand that this body with its face, legs & weight are the only ones I will ever have therefore I need to learn to love them. It’s something so small but I remember it to this day and I’m forever grateful she taught me that because it’s a constant reminder that loving yourself is principal to any kind of love you can ever give – I carry it with me everywhere I go. “

ETE: “What is your favourite winter style trend?”

FM: “You can’t go wrong this winter with a white or beige coat and thigh high boots.”

ETE: “Where do you want to see yourself in the style & beauty industry?”

FM: “As a manufacturer, creative & influencer.”

ETE: “What is your advice/tips to women who want to blossom within their social media pages without sending the wrong message about confidence?”

FM: “Be yourself, people respond to individuality. Find your niche, if you are really good at putting together good outfits make sure to post outfit of the day pictures or if you think you’re really funny make videos & post them online do anything you feel comfortable & confident doing. Don’t be afraid of your own shine, go out there & get it. Once you start talking to universe it return starts talking back to you. “

ETE: “What are your social media handles for twitter, sanpchat & instagram?”

FM: Instagram: iamfezeka

FM: Twitter: fezekamkhabela

FM: Snapchat: fezeka14

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