Mrs. Sarah Langa Mackay is well known for her influence when it comes to fashion trends & beauty trends that she puts well in her social media lookbooks & the brand campaigns that she gets featured on. The Woolworths influencer & Picot&Moss ambassador has gained a well polished following on social media for the love of fashion, beauty & travelling.

Engage To Evolve had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Sarah Langa Mackay on who she is & what she does.

ETE: “Describe yourself as a daughter, fashion stylist and as a woman?”

SL: “As a daughter, stylist & woman I present & handle myself in an identical manner. I treat my mother, my clients & everyone with whom I come into contact with with respect, love & friendliness. I don’t change myself or my mannerisms around different people. I would like to say I am always professional & welcoming.”

ETE: “When did you become fascinated with fashion & was it easy to break through as a fashion stylist?”

SL: “As my mother likes to say- I have always been obsessed with beautiful clothing, constantly bragging about the clothes my mother had bought me to anyone who would listen. I feel that when you love something & have an immense desire & passion for it, you are able to break into it. It wasn’t easy but the love for what I do helps. “

ETE: “How do you start your when you have to do client shopping?”

SL: “I get an idea of what the client is looking for and who they are. Often clients want to change up their styles or represent themselves in a different accord. It is important to listen to your client. Develop a relationship with them & then it becomes easier to listen to one another on what you think works for their personal style. “

ETE: “What have you discovered about style struggles for client?”

SL: “Often people don’t know what their style is. I feel it isn’t easy for everyone to actually know what they like, what they don’t like, what works for them & what doesn’t. clients often don’t know what they want to wear or what they want their clothing to say about them. I try my best to help the clients find their own unique styles or at least begin experimenting through fashion to find it. “

ETE: “What has been the most rewarding thing for you as a fashion stylist?”

SL: “Easy- seeing my clients happy and looking fabulous. We often neglect how looking good can make us feel good. “

ETE: “How do you keep your skin hydrated & flawless?”

SL: “I use a variety of products. I have had the same skin regime for years because it simply works for me. Once I find a product that agrees with my skin, I will use it for years. Also very important & often said but still neglected is to always remove your makeup before bed- clean skin is happy skin. “

ETE: “What style trends would you give to our readers for Spring/Summer?”

SL: I” think the classics are always important. Colour and patterns are coming in hot this Spring/Summer & mixing a vibrant pattern or intense colour with your classics is definitely a simple & easy way to look fabulous. EG: Mix your classic black jumpsuit with a coloured heel & patterned scarf. “

ETE: “What styling tips do you have for people who struggle to put together outfits for the week?”

SL: “Keep it simple. Wear your favourite jeans more than once and mix around the shirts. Add jewellery to spice up an outfit, add colour in shoes or headpieces. A piece of clothing doesn’t have to look the same, anything can be dressed up or down. “

ETE: “Which style icon/influencer has motivated you to become a style influencer that you have become?”

SL: “The Zoe Report’ by Rachel Zoe is a must see website & a must read blog. Rachel Zoe has been making waves in the fashion industry for years starting with her blog & then her clothing lines. Her content is relatable & inspiring & gave me the confidence & motivation to write my own blog but from the view of a South African girl. I want any & all fashion lovers to be able to relate & love my blog in some manner just the same. “

ETE: “What makes you confident”?”

SL: “Being comfortable in my own skin. I haven’t always been this confident or comfortable with myself, but once I learned that this is who I am and I can’t change how I look, I can only embrace it, I began to love myself. As women we need to learn to love all of ourselves including our flaws. Our flaws make us unique & beautiful too. “

ETE: “What are your social media accounts handles for Twitter & Instagram?”

Twitter: @sarahlanga
Instagram: sarahlanga
Facebook Fan page: Sarah Langa Heaton


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