The wine grid sessions comes at the time where many women come together annually in the heart of Fourways, Johannesburg. The sessions are catered to assist women to build networking relationships for entrepreneurial opportunities for themselves & to gain entrepreneurial knowledge from successful entrepreneurs who come to these sessions as guest speakers to give entrepreneurial advice & direction to women who need a nudge towards their entrepreneurial journey.

Engage To Evolve got to sit with the establishers for The Wine Grid for a one on one interview.

ETE: “What inspired you to start with the concept of the Wine Grid? ”

WG: “We are passionate about the growth & development of young women and wished to create an interactive, inspirational space where women can unwind, enjoy good wine and be stimulated with business conversations & ideas.

“ETE: ” How would you describe the Wine Grid to someone to someone who needs motivation to engage with other women in business? ”

WG: “The Wine Grid is a women’s business networking platform advocating for the entrepreneurial development and empowerment of young women. It is an informative, interactive & inspirational space focused at facilitating business conversations aimed at building young female entrepreneurs. The Wine Grid imparts business information, entrepreneurial stories, business lessons and life lessons aimed at developing the entrepreneurial spirit of young females.”

ETE: “What is your opinion on women who are not able to get much opportunities as men do?”

WG: “We urge women to continue to fight for equal opportunities & constantly seek new ventures. While we cannot change the past we can definitely create the future. We acknowledge all the great women who have fought for women’s right & place in society, and it is our responsibility to challenge the status quo & ensure that we create a better country for the next generation of women. Our goal is to develop women who are key players in the revitalization of the South African economy and who can help develop other young women & positively contribute to the reduction of poverty and youth unemployment through entrepreneurship.”

ETE: “What is your concern when it comes to the amount of females in South Africa who are not able to get deserving roles within the workplace?”

WG: “It is important for us as women to realise & understand that we are responsible for each other, & that recreating the history of women is a divine privilege & collective responsibility. Now more than ever we have women occupying some of the most powerful positions. We need to eliminate the notion that other women are competition and start pulling each other up and opening doors for other women. It starts with us.”

ETE: ” How would the Wine Grid define women empowerment?”

WG: “Our definition of women empowerment is to create a platform that helps to develop women who are economically aware, emotional & financially stable and understand the power & responsibility they have to better their lives & contribute to society.”

ETE: “What kind of empowering tools does the Wine Grid give to women at their Wine Grid sessions?”

WG: “The main purpose for the Wine Grid is empowerment & support young women in business. We share success stories with other women so they know that anything is possible. We create a space where women can make lifetime business connections and even Mentorships.”

ETE: “What has the Wine Grid observed when women interact with each other?”

WG: “Ideas are shared & relationships are developed. Women are more prone to starting a business if they get to talk to another woman who has done it.”

ETE: “What is the Wine Grid’s goal for women?”

WG: “We want to build a society of young women that are not afraid to do what they love & do it well! We are an empowerment structure & our goal is Build, Inspire and Motivate young women in business.”

ETE: “Which business women has contributed towards women empowerment & confidence at the Wine Grid?”

WG: “We’ve had multiple speakers at the event & believe that every one of them has contributed in their own significant way. We’ve had the likes of Charmaine Mavudzi is the Founder & CEO of 360 Mobile Salon, a motivational speaker, advocate for youth empowerment & winner of Dragons Den Season. Farah Fortune is the Director of African Star Communications & Events Management, a Motivational & Entrepreneurial Speaker, & a Mentor. She has also been named as one of the “Mail & Guardians Top 200 South Africans.”

ETE: “When & where will the next Wine Grid session be?”

WG: “The next event with be held on the 20th of August at the Eighteen13 Boutique Wine shop.”

ETE: “Where can Engage To Evolve global readers find you on social media?”


Instagram:@ thewinegrid

Twitter: grid_wine

Facebook: @thewinegrid

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