Ms. Keagile Moremi comes across as a highly bubbly extroverted young lady who speaks her mind who enjoys bringing people together through her humorous conversations & jokes. But for the 3rd year Public Relations student she has highly anticipated ambition to excel well as a successful professional as she embarks to finish her studies at the end of this year.

Ms. Moremi has encountered challenges that turned her flawless imperfections into unimaginable strengths to celebrate the lady that she is who gives unconditional love to her full-figured body.

Whereas Keagile has created a pleasant atmosphere around her fellow students to be carefree, to create memories that are fulfilled with truth, love, humour & to celebrate who you are as an individual.

Engage To Evolve had the opportunity to interview Ms. Keagile Moremi to know who she is & what she does.

ETE: “How would you describe Keagile Moremi?”

KM: “Keagile is a young lady who is proud of her body, who has self confidence, who has self respect, who is self sufficient towards herself & a lady who is full of life.”

ETE: “What kind of challenges did you face growing up as a full-figured girl.”

KM: “I was teased because as a full-figured girl, it was difficult to place myself around my peers as I would appear as a girl who overshadows people & being rejected has helped me build my self confidence over the years.”

ETE: “What makes you confidence as a woman?”

KM: “I have chosen self confidence as an accessory that I wear everyday, I have chosen to accept myself for who I am because if you cannot accept yourself for who you are then no one can love you better if you cannot love yourself.”

ETE: “Who has been your ultimate pillar of strength?”

KM: “My mother has been my pillar of strength because she has shown me a mother’s love on how I should accept myself for who I am so that dignity & love comes naturally in my character.”

ETE: “Where do you get your bubbly personality from?”

KM: “Of course! It has to be my mother, she is funny, she is outspoken, she is a woman who has a great sense of humour but most importantly she has love.”

ETE “What is your favourite fashion trend that you enjoy wearing from time to time?”

KM: “I love wearing jumpsuits because jumpsuits were created for women to feel comfortable & sexy whereas they show the imperfections & beauty of a woman’s body.”

ETE: “Which full-figured woman has empowered you to celebrate your body with pride?”

KM: “ThickLeyonce has empowered me to celebrate my body in the best possible way because not so many women who are full-figured can proudly appreciate & celebrate their full-figured body the way ThickLeeyonce does.”

ETE: “What are the three things that you cannot ive without?”

KM: 1. My confidence
KM: 2. My cellphone
KM: 3. My handbag

ETE: “What is your view about young women in South Africa & what do you love about them?”

KM: “I must say with how social media has become a norm to look good, too feel appreciated & to feel the need to be accepted by society. We as young beautiful women dark, tall, light skinned, short, full-figured or skinny we have allowed ourselves to conform to a culture that makes it okay for women to reveal the most delicate love & light within our bodies to be accessible to anyone at anytime & it is important to remind ourselves that with self dignity & self respect for our own bodies we can start to love & accept one another for who we are & for that I love women who do not conform to what feels okay to be appreciated.”

ETE: “What advice do you have for any individual who wants to take control of their destiny?”

KM: “Go to school, love yourself & be confidant in who you are.”

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