Fashion in South Africa has become one of the most emerging style looks that is either being spoken about or liked on social media networks. In the fast pace of technology having a smart phone or device in the palm of your hands the world moves quickly when it comes to which brand, celebrity or world event -tour has been trending based on the amount of interlink communication that interest, entertain & get the public talking about what is “TRENDING” on social media. The world has witnessed the most glamourous events that take place worldwide & here in South Africa just to mention a few MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK, SA Fashion Week, The Sun Met & MTV AFRICA MUSIC AWARDS.

Being a fashion stylist in South Africa is increasingly becoming one of the fastest emerging professions that fashion consultants spend their time mostly selecting accessories & clothing for private clients, celebrities, editorial features such as print, public appearances, advertising campaigns, music videos & music concerts-tours.

For Ms. Tshepi Vundla, she is one of the most followed fashion stylist in South Africa with a huge following just above 58,3 K followers on Instagram not forgetting that most of her followers on Snapchat enjoy getting to see Tshepi being the most carefree, bubbly, charismatic woman that she is especially when she is surrounded by her niece Samu & BFF K Noami.

Ms.Vundla has always had a passion for fashion working on brand campaigns such as #StyleBySAWoolworths & BrutalFruitSA she has featured on numerous fashion brands to advertise products mainly because she knows how to use her skills of combining fashion trends with social media & consistently attending  public appearances for brands that have a unique following & a long record of brand existence on the basis of its own market & stakeholder relationship.

Tshepi is the founder of @_twelve_12 where she gives her full attention to style clients for prestigious events or to prepare clients for their everyday look for work. She is also a personal shopper & wardrobe consultant to clients.

Engage To Evolve had the opportunity to interview Ms.Vundla on who she is & what she does.

ETE: “How would you describe yourself in three words?”

TV: “Fun, loving, sensitive.”

ETE: “How did you emerge into the style industry?”

TV: “I enjoyed styling friends & family. I registered my business & decided to make money from it.”

ETE: “What do you love about changing dynamics of style?”

TV: “The fact you can have so much fun with fashion I see fashion as a form of art fashion should be fun.”

ETE:”Who has been your style icon & how has the style icon influenced you as a stylist?”

TV: “Rihanna, Victoria Beckham & Jenna Lyons.”

“It is how simple items can make a statement, how accessories complete an outfit without overdoing it & that casual wear does not have to be boring.”

ETE: “Which brands would you like to collaborate with?”

TV: “Steve Madden, Gucci, Sunglass Hut.”

ETE: “As a woman what lessons have you learned about being confidence & finding strength again after going a particular situation?”

TV: “Knowing yourself is essential & knowing what you want & need in life it is also a bonus towards the journey of self introspection & also having a great support system helps too. Just Focus on your goals stop focusing on what people have to say or think about you.”

ETE: “Who has been your strength of pillar when it comes to confidence, being happy & finding fulfilment in yourself as an individual?”

TV: “My mother & sister I don’t know what I would do without them.”

ETE: “What are the do’s & don’t’s when combining style trends & social media together?”

TV:”You should know your body type & what works for your body when combining style trends.”

ETE:”What are your social media handles for Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter?”

TV: @TshepiVundla on everything

Tshepi Vundla

Tshepi Vundla

Tshepi Vundla

Tshepi Vundla

Tshepi Vundla

Tshepi Vundla

Tshepi Vundla

Tshepi Vundla