Mr. Thabiso Ngwenya

Mr. Thabiso Ngwenya

Spoken word has become a phenomenal form of communication to express, verbalise & to send a specific message to a specific audience who are able to relate to what is being written or said, through a platform that will intrigue audiences to feel part of a community that speaks the truth & being bold to evoke emotions that individuals are either afraid or not willing to communicate the issues that affect us as partners, friends, family members, acquaintances & the society at large.

But for Thabiso Ngwenya who currently resides in Tshwane. His poems will make an individual question their intention & purpose when they see themselves in a particular situation where they would like to either change or grow within the situation without having to go through setbacks that will make them feel insecure, hurt, betrayed, disrespected or used for how certain individuals choose to not communicate their real intentions of what is meaningful & purposeful to them.

Thabiso is a Swaziland born, Tshwane based spoken word artist. He started his career while he was in high school in the year of 2009 & he has since devoted his life to the art form & its power to entertain, heal, educate & link lives through the power of words.

Some career highlights include, but are not limited to:

  • UP Arts Poetry Slam Champion 2014
  • Top 10 finalist in the Speak Out Loud poetry competition
  • Multiple Spoken Sessions king of the mic
  • Multiple Word N Sound Poetry League top 5 competitor
  • Member of Christian poetry organization Penseed poets
  • Chairman of Write Club Poetry Society
  • Featured on e-TV show “Reflections”

Engage To Evolve had the opportunity to interview Mr. Thabiso Ngwenya about who he is & what he does.

ETE: “When did you realize that you have a great skill in literature?”

TN: “It was never a “realization” per se. Make no mistake, the skill is grown & honed. What I did discover, as I’m sure many people do, was the love for music & the words I found in the songs I grew up listening to & how cathartic it could be to just listen to an artists words & relate. I then attempted to use the method of song writing to try express myself as they did (the musicians). I found myself in pursuit of perfection & so started to read more & to write poetry in search of how I could better express myself as an artist & I never looked back.”

ETE: “ Did you have other skills or talents that you feel strongly about that you wish to accomplish in, if so what are those skills & talents, therefore why?”

TN: “Talents, no. I do have other passions though; like I mentioned, music was my first love and we all know what they say about first loves. Also I am also double majoring in Physics & Applied Mathematics as I’m pretty passionate about science.”

ETE: “ As a writer & poet what motivates you to pen down intriguing poems besides leaving audiences in awe after your poetry engagements?”

TN: “I talk about whatever I feels needs to be heard, or discussed or even just pointed out so people don’t ignore it, you know? Poetry is, like all art, is a means for society to reflect upon itself and as a poet – as an artist – I try to provide a perspective on issues, such that people are provoked or inspired to talk about. Those issues could be political, societal or just matters of the heart (sometimes it just about being heard).”

ETE: “What is the most relatable medium that you enjoy writing about that makes audiences want to hear more about on a regular basis?”

TN: “I think there’s a story for everyone. While some love poems others come for the gritty political poetry & social commentary. So I can’t really say I have one specific topic I write about more than the other. I write about whatever is the most relevant in the space I’m in & I always find the work appreciated.”

ETE:” As a poet why do you think audiences find closure from poetry?”

TN: “I think its human nature to want to feel understood. Also, it is the nature of good people to be empathetic. Poetry pulls on both these strings. When you’re in the audience and you hear someone else tell your story or your thoughts & shine a light on demons you could not otherwise have even begun to describe. You feel understood. Also when you hear other peoples pain & their stories, you feel connected to them, some people come for the connection.”


ETE: “Has it been a rewarding experience since you are part of a poetry group called sense & how has it made you feel comfortable to work with other poets?”


TN: “Being a member of Sense has most definitely been rewarding. It is a brotherhood of artists more than anything else really. I believe I have grown as much as I have because of the sharpening of iron by iron. It has taught me also how to meld perspectives into beautiful pictures, no matter how different and in that way has prepared me for a life of artistic collaboration.”

ETE: “ What misconceptions do certain individuals have about poetry or literature?”

TN: “I guess there’s the stereotypes and preconceived ideas about poetry. You know, people who think to be a poet you have to either be in to Shakespeare or walk around in dashikis & sandals.”

ETE: “How has literature assisted you to understand life in a different manner?”

TN: “I think the power of literature, is its ability to give one knowledge & with knowledge, perspective & with perspective, more ways to understand things that a person who, otherwise lacked this knowledge, would understand them. I hope that makes sense.”

ETE: “Which group of poets would you like to work within the future?”

TN: “Haha all of them!”

ETE: “ What advice do you have for individuals who have an interest in poetry & literature, & would like to pursue an interest in writing a book or to become an established poet?”

TN: “Readers today, Leaders tomorrow!”

ETE: “ Where can ETE readers follow you across social media networks?”

TN: “@ngwenyaTM on all major social media platforms. You can visit my blog on to see some of my poetry.”

Mr. Thabiso Ngwenya

Mr. Thabiso Ngwenya