The world has become an exceptional global map where we are all intrigued by what is happening from around the world with matters that affect our economies, interpersonal relationships & the overview image of who we are as individuals associating ourselves amongst the underdogs of business partners & associates to continue to merge, develop & to maintain meaningful working relationships for all.

Today we live in a global community, where it is crucial to be aware of what is happening & trending in & around our communities whether it has to do with politics, sports, economics, health, education, social cohesion, corporate & business including lifestyle events. Which means that getting positive exposure or publicity for these spheres has become more of a global interest to create build, develop & publish stories that will interest global citizens to gain information about what is happening in & around their communities but also it gives them the opportunity to become participants on various platforms such as radio, television, magazines, websites, blogs & social media platforms to voice their opinion or to share personal stories that has been given limited publicity or it may be the fact that certain topics & information can subside overtime & to be forgotten instantly as if the most popularised stories were never talked about.


Publicity has become a useful tool for many artists & public relations practitioners or publicists within the entertainment industry because artists have an image & brand to maintain over a long period of time & the best people to assist artist who are in the entertainment industry are publicists & brand experts who work tirelessly around the clock to know what is happening in the industry.

Public relations, doesn’t focus on a particular area but there are many work opportunities that a public relations practitioner or brand expert can choose to specialise in. which includes:

  • Corporate Communications
  • Strategic Communications
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Sport Publicity
  • Travel Public Relations
  • Celebrity Publicity
  • Education Public Relations
  • Issues & Crises Management
  • Brand Management
  • Events Management

Melanie Ramjee, aka preferably known as “HYPRESS” who has worked in the Public Relations profession for more than 10 years. Her work ethics & her adventures curiosity to try new things, such as getting a glimpse of her local & international work diary of what she gets up too & whereas she is not shy to share visual updates about the latest product launches & events that she puts her time too. HYPRESS has a bubbly personality that has created a loving aura where media personalities have come to form trustworthy working relationships & friendships with her.

Media has become a useful tool, for HYPRESS to use at her own advantage, for personal & professional reasons mainly, because she has come across negative & positive criticism, that has made her build a professional & personal tough skin on & off social media. But those who know Melanie very well, then it would be easy to describe her, as a woman who is beautiful, smart & the most supportive friend, colleague, mentor, girlfriend & mother that she infuses her characteristics with love & laughter.

Public Relations is, not an easy profession to get into, or to maintain as a career. It takes a lot of countless days & sleepless nights to get more than just satisfactory results to build & maintain a clients image or brand, keeping in mind that it is not always glitz & glam when it comes to producing the most prestigious events & also being a media personal that has to handle publicity for big corporate organisations with the responsibilities of handling matters in the most mature, sensitive & resourceful manner whereby strategic intellect comes in handy to become one of the successful & most wanted public relations & brand professionals to work with such as HYPRESS, Farah Fortune & Sylvester Chauke.

Engage To Evolve had the opportunity to interview HYPRESS to know more about who she is & what she does.

ETE: “You studied fashion in tertiary with the initiation of knowing that you wanted more for yourself in life, how did you get to become one of the most well known publicist in South Africa?”

HYPRESS: “I didn’t have it all figured it out, I was confused & after staying at home for a year, my parents got worried with the fact that I was not keeping myself practically busy, so I enrolled to study Fashion which was a breeze for me because I graduated top of my class but truth is, I didn’t have a passion for the course I enrolled for. My love for Public Relations came through my instincts when I started a record label called “Eargasm Records” with my then boyfriend at the time mainly because we shared common interest within the sphere of Hip-Hop & entertainment.”

ETE: “What kind of practical skills did you create for yourself, so that your progress within the corporate communications & events management arena credits & recommends you as a leader who has the Public Relations skills?”

HYPRESS: “I am where I am because of the clients that I work with & the experience that I have created for myself over the years, ensuring that I build good working relationships with Journalists, magazine editors & other media personnel’s, so that what I have to offer & what they have to offer merges intensively so that it becomes a common thread for clients to credit professionals like me in the best way possible through engagement & recommendations.”

ETE: “What kind of misconceptions did you have to encounter as a publicist, mainly because you are able to organise sold out events & still build & maintain business relationships with your clients?”

HYPRESS: “ I need to emphasis that many people do not know what Public Relations is or what it entails, because it has many definitions & responsibilities to undertake. The misconception that people have about publicists is that it is either our work is for free or it comes cheap. For instance, I can receive bucket loads of emails, from people who would ask me to make them the next big star, knowing that they do not have the “X FACTOR SPARK ” as yet, & I would advice by saying to be managed by an A-list publicist, you need to market yourself well, build & maintain a consistent brand that will allow your fans & supporters to relate to what you are trying to sell to them.”

ETE: You have a large scale of following on social media, because you have been regarded as one of the most respected influencer when it comes to working in the sphere of Hip Hop, well known brands & high profiled celebrities, how do you build & maintain a respected brand for yourself?”

HYPRESS: “ Majority of my followers, are individuals who are between the ages of 18 –30, I give my followers realistic & relevant information that resonates to the type of things they would like to hear & get themselves involved in & I am never reluctant to engage with them on & off social media.”

ETE “What kind of challenges did you put yourself through, as a woman, as a mother & what lessons did you learn from it?

HYPRESS: “ I never wanted to become a single mother but I have learned that in 2017 it is okay to be a single parent & as long as you know that you are doing your best as a parent for your child & not being too hard on yourself if there are certain things you would like enjoy in your lifetime without having to doubt yourself that you cannot do this or that because you have a child to take care of.”

ETE: “What do you appreciate more about yourself now?”

HYPRESS: “ I am more open to get to know different individuals & their backgrounds.’

ETE: “What do you do to unwind from your hectic schedule?”

HYPRESS: “ I enjoy walking with my son to the park, taking local excursions in & around South Africa.”

ETE: “What advice would you like to give to the youth?”

HYPRESS: “ Don’t be too hard on yourself, if you do not know what you want to do, embrace the opportunities & blessings that come your way & remember to further education.”

You can follow HYPRESS across all social media platforms @hypress

 Melanie Madigage interviewing Melanie Ramjee

Melanie Madigage interviewing Melanie Ramjee