Thank you for taking the time to join us during this hour to engage with different topics where some of us may struggle to implement healthier habits to get over a certain problem that may have affected us for a couple of weeks, months and perhaps even years.

Whether you are young, middle aged or old. Male or female, it is true that we seem to be placed in situations that we may never have thought that we would be in or to continuously to be hurt by our circumstances. Whatever the situation may be we all have moments where we feel unhappy and worthless.We must first try to acknowledge that we are human beings, we have feelings and emotions and that we should also remind ourselves that we are not the only individuals present in this world but we also have people who we connect, engage, mobilize and have intellectual relationships with whether it could be family, colleagues, friends or people who we may know but aren’t that close with and we are afraid to accept that these people could be the reasons why we cannot move on with our lives with a clear conscious.

Why are we afraid to acknowledge that we are being hurt?

  • We are afraid to be honest with ourselves that we are hurt.
  • People who we think that they care about our emotional wellbeing emotionally hold us back.
  • We teach ourselves that the possibilities of healing or being without the people we need could be impossible
  • We easily get attached to people who are prepared to emotionally take advantage of us because we allow them to be comfortable to know our weaknesses
  • We want to be consistently acknowledged by people by falsely showing them a different perception of what our lives look like or who are we as individuals in our households, workplace or how we conduct ourselves when we find ourselves in financial constraints or family disputes.
  • We always want to put ourselves at fault and cover other people’s mistakes and insecurities and make their issues our problems.

Why are we afraid to admit that we are being hurt?

We are too dependent to seek for approval from other people who will only put us at an emotional stake or even make us feel insecure about our individuality, our finances or our future. Our presence and time should be felt and respected by whoever who wants our attention and time.

Tips to forgive

  • Acknowledgement is the most crucial acceptance that we could give ourselves the chance to be open about the things we need to clear our mind about.
  • We should follow our inner instincts about how we want to see ourselves when we are happy and achieving our individual goals. (Forgiving the people who have hurt us is not a group issue but we should do it for ourselves)
  • Make means to let the person know about how they have hurt us emotionally if we do not have the strength to let them know then it is best to talk about it with someone that we trust or to book an appointment with a psychologist.
  • Cut all communication and ties with the person/ people who have caused hurt and pain towards in our lives.
  • We should make a time to have a cooling session with ourselves where we are able to let go off the pain and get a little bit of knowledge as well, whether it by reading a book or by joining a wellness treat like Pilates, yoga , gym, sports club or a hobby that we are likely to enjoy such as writing , painting or volunteering at an orphanage.In the result of doing ourselves a positive favour by forgiving the next person we teach ourselves that we do not forgive them because we have to but we forgive them because we want to make peace that they have once hurt us and that they have continued to do so then we should apprehend to make these people realize that they have hurt us and to shine the light on the things that reflect joy peace and happiness.