Self Doubt

Self Doubt

Today we shall be reflecting on self-doubt and how we as individuals can put a false perception about the possibilities of who we are? What we are doing? And where we are going? We can find ourselves fighting with our instincts because we are not definitely sure if what we are trying to do will be achievable. So we try to see ourselves by attempting to do similar things from people who we know or admire whether it is from wealth, family values, career moves and self esteem development

We may find it difficult to believe in ourselves because today we live in an era where it is easy for you to be seen, spoken about and described by just having a huge number of social media following on Intsagram, Youtube and Twitter. Social media can take either a negative or positive reflection on your social media account based on how people will communicate with you, what kind of an impression you could be giving your followers by how you live your life in reality and how you portray yourself on your social media accounts.Remember that you should not be putting yourself under tight situations where you will not be able to maintain a good strategy alignment in the long run or even handle your self- esteem with confidence.

Tips on how you can overcome self-doubt

×Consider getting yourself a journal where you are able to write about your feelings and what goals you want to achieve.

×Your social media accounts should reflect who you are and what you do in reality. Whatever information you give out to the world on social media eventually it will leave a trail in places where you least expect it.

×You need to accept who are, what circumstances you are in and also you should also give yourself an opportunity to think for yourself so that you can be satisfied with decision that you make without asking the next person to assist you to make decisions.

×Follow your instincts when you are in the process of wanting to achieve a goal.

×Do things for yourself and not to please or to impress your peers.

×Be proud of the goals that you are able to achieve because no one should be consistently be giving you props because you will slowly feel the need to be given props because you have given your social media followers and peers to have a right to appeal to each and everything that is revealed where living in the digital world privacy is still one common thread that we all want and should be respected.