ETE: “What motivated you to study Information Technology?”

AR: “Information technology is one of the most in demand and scarce skills in South Africa. Being awarded the opportunity to study IT was even a greater opportunity for me to contribute to the industry. I studied IT to mainly assist people and for the love of the unknown you can discover. “

ETE: “There are many professionals who specialize either in the IT or network integrated services system in big corporates such as Vodacom, MTN and Cell c, do you believe many of these professionals are empowered enough to tackle new technological issues?”

AR: “I think there is still a huge gap to educate professionals for the new challenges that occur. The IT world is developing and so should the skills development strategies for IT professionals in their respective fields. “

ETE: “Do you think it is challenging for South African IT professionals to create and develop their own technology solutions base?”

AR: “I don’t think it is difficult for South African IT professionals to develop solutions but it is a matter of how broad and openly are their ideas being considered for the use of practical exercise developments.”

ETE: “What is the job market in the IT industry from an African market vs. the European market?”

AR: “These are two different worlds given the developing regions of both markets. Africa is slowly getting the hang of the market and Europe is ahead with technology. We as Africans can only learn from all the new ideas and developments. The job markets are highly different as we are both on two levels of education.”

ETE:” What IT opportunities can African professionals can develop?”

AR: “They can venture into other worlds by getting programs to assist them to better the industry as well as their own. “

ETE: “Why do you think computer literacy should be introduced in early child development?”

AR: It’s very important because as young as their minds, it’s easier to teach and manifest in to greater minds. As they grow they become nurtured to new challenges and become pruned to knowing how to tackle in their field.

ETE: How do you wish to utilize your qualification in making your contribution to the South African economy?

AR: I want to teach less privileged children that want to learn more about the world of IT to better themselves in their near future. Broaden the knowledge of IT to all children.