ETE: As an event practitioner what motivated you to explore your skills into the studies of events management?

BM: When I decided to study events management in 2017 it was not because I really wanted to do it, but because I had to take a bridging course for my Bcom Law degree. I looked at it as an advantage to having 2 qualifications in 4years and doing my third best interest which is media related.

ETE: What kind of misconceptions do event practitioners get from the public?

BM: Events management is a glamourous profession: a lot of people think events is about music, fashion, food, selfies and celebrities but there’s a lot that goes into that. Many of events practitioner’s wear jeans, overalls, shorts and sneakers running around to make sure that the event is planned and executed with the details of quality.

BM: A good event practitioner is connected: yes and no. Yes, because a good practitioner does not have a solid list of contacts but they can call for supliers as a way of building business relationships and also relying on people who can make it easier for everyone to adapt to an industry that is regularly developing.

ETE: Who are your favourite event practitioners and why?

BM: CATERERS: Chef Rethabile Senoko is one of the best people I can rely on for my events to become a success in terms of catering for my clients. He provides the best of services and ensures all foods catered are customers best choice

BM:HOMECOMING EVENTS (HCE): in the events industry these are the people who you are guaranteed to have as much fun and experience as possible, I attended their event in 2018 for the first time and not only gained idea’s and knowledge but had the best time of my life.

ETE: How do u familiarise your event inspirations into real work practice?

BM: I have all these crazy ideas that bombard my thoughts every now and then, all I do is write them done and use them when organising and planning events for my clients. I also work with people who have experience and broader ideas which might benefit the event at all costs, sometimes sharing these helps people refer you to potential clients and suppliers.

ETE: What makes the events management industry worthwhile?

BM: It is full of various developmental tactics from planning, controlling, managing and assisting.

BM: You can be your own boss or join an agency

BM: You can take it anywhere: as an event manger you can travel all around the world and still practice your skills.

BM: It keeps you on your toes: all your skills and will keep you mentally stimulated.

BM: The hard work is always worth it

ETE: What are your social media handles?

BM: Facebook: Bonolo Manesen and IG: Nolkie_Manesen