ETE: “How would you describe your journey as a working professional to now being a working mom?”

BN: “My journey as a working professional has been challenging but remarkable. I’m a firm believer in the value of internships because they work as a stepping stone-providing insight to what a job entails. At some point I have experienced racism and sexism from my former boss and I had to stand for myself by not being tolerant of the situation and focus on my career objectives which is seeking success in an environment of growth and excellence. On the other hand, becoming a mom it’s a life-changing experience which includes diapers, spit-up’s, breastfeeding on repeat. Motherhood is constant and demanding. Being organized is key because it enhances efficient planning to a balanced family lifestyle.”

ETE: “What motivated you to be calm facing great pressures of wavering events in the workplace?”

BN: “Studying about emotional intelligence equipped my emotional reaction. Corporate discrepancies require awareness and control to handle interpersonal relationships. I had to analyse conflicts from a well-being and healthy relationship perspective. My biggest motivation was to always maintain my strong character and reputation. It’s hard to work with a difficult boss but knowing how to measure tolerance with wisdom is highly crucial.”

ETE: “What kind of beautiful experiences do you want to explore being a working mom?”

BN: °With so much renewed strength and direction. I’m looking forward to explore a new embraced identity. But most importantly I want to experience how to keep everything in perspective and conquering efficiency. Also prioritising previous activities that brought me happiness.”

ETE: What kinds of self-inputs will you put in place for yourself knowing that there can be negative perceptions of being a mom in the millennial era?”

BN: °I live my life based on principles, I don’t prioritise societal expectations. The kind of self-inputs I will put in place is self-discipline; ability to control and motivate myself, stay on track and do what is right.”

 ETE: “What critical tips would you give to a fellow young mum who wants to put the best version of herself professionally and personally as she continues to raise her child/ren with no form of hope left for her right now?”

BN: °A child/ren should bring some form of motivation to a mother to approach life situations to have a sense of self belief that to achieve motherhood endeavours is possible no matter if it is for my own wellbeing or for my child/ren’s wellbeing the essence of achieving motherhood endeavours it is not about having it perfectly together but rather figuring it all out and connecting the dots. I was retrenched when I was 7 months pregnant with a one month notice and without a plan in hand. But what kept me going was the strength and courage to not give up on what I want out of the gift of life. In fact my direction was now in a broader perspective and what is significant is to constantly remind ourselves of who we are and protect our minds to always be in the positive. This scriptures kept me in the light is Romans 8:28 and Colossians 1:9.

ETE: “Kindly provide your professional and personal social media handles?”

BN:Twitter: @BusisiweNtuli9

Facebook: Busisiwe Connoisseur Ntuli

IG: Connoisseur.Ntuli