Women empowerment is a pure force that can be  implemented by women who are not intimidated by the next woman who carries herself with poise, confidence, a driven force to do more than just well in her career and for her personal life. But not to be forgotten women empowerment begins with  a woman  being happy and comfortable with how she was conceived and wonderfully made by her parents and understanding that as time goes by she needs to be aware that there will always be room for her to develop her image, characteristics, skills and how she sees herself as a forever evolving beautiful woman who will stumble across uncomfortable situations of feeling powerless.

In the midst of her powerless moments she needs to know that she has so much fire burning left inside of her whether it is through her charm, her artistic talent, her undeniable beauty or even her wealth of  

  her academic knowledge she needs to know  that she still got that FIRE burning.

Even when she will be faced with various personalities that will try to pull down her spirit and all the beautiful return on investment that she embodies within herself.

It is quite obvious that various personalities will be intimidated or be provoked by an ROI that they themselves have not taken the first step of trying to research, develop and evaluate their own unique POWER.

But don’t you worry sister, remember that as  a woman your fire is your power and that power lies within your authenticity and you may feel like you are not valued nor celebrated enough.

Do keep in mind that you are valued, 

honoured and celebrated continuously here  #LetsTalkMillennials not just on #HappyInternationalWomen’sDay or On #Women’sDay but 365 days annually we salute your courageous burning power to want more for yourselves the children that you are raising, the love that you give to everyone and the big heart that you use to pick up others by empowering them with the practical knowledge that you have and with that being said.

 We love you just the way you are!