On the 8th June 2019 various stakeholders were exclusively invited to Diane Paris clothing collection previews in Johannesburg. Upon arrival at an exclusive location suited for a well complimentary fashion brand guests were picked up in luxury cars straight to the venue.

Where guests were warmly welcomed with world class hospitality from the interior setting of how a luxury house brand collection has been well exercised into what it takes to manage a brand that speaks volumes of what it takes to be a passionate business woman like Diane who has previously worked as an international model to nurturing her modeling experience into a luxury fashion brand that is represented in well produced materials straight to quality finishes of the clothing collection.

This is the kind of brand that represents every woman of colour and diversity who understands her core values of being a smart woman in her career or business constantly engaging in high level meetings, conferences, events or even managing a team or business of her own but also understanding that she is a different kind of woman who intends to not just settle for anything either than articulating her sense of character, standards and style through a clothing brand like Diane Paris.

I was lucky enough to have attended this preview with a college student whom I have been mentoring for a year now. To get a breather break from environmental stressors, to learn and engage with various stakeholders that appeal to her own aspirations of progress and growth.