Being a young African girl who loves being a social entrepreneur in South Africa. I affirm to growing and learning and that is the mantra that I live by each and everyday. At the age of 26 I must say that being an entrepreneur it is a forever learning landscape where business environments can be daunting when having to adapt to the micro and macro environmental stressors and opportunities that come with it. I have come to learn and I am always willing to understand that it is with great importance that we live to harness what we are skilled and called for in serving our purpose to understand ourselves and to learn from others too.

I had the opportunity to be selected amongst female entrepreneurs from the Southern African region out of 1000 women to still be selected from across the African continent to be trained about financial literacy and personal branding in  business curated by the AFWA organisation in partnership with the African Development Bank together with their incredible facilitators who’s teachings spoke volumes on the importance of being patience but also making everyday count by ensuring that you include those who replica the same values and principles as you do so that morals such as time and respect is highly honoured and acknowledged only because the changing dynamics of entrepreneurship is not just only about monetary value but social and community value where it is possible to treat people with kindness, ensuring that as entrepreneurs we can  pay well by taking initial responsibility and accountability to put in the work from the get go without always being too unsettled about how fast or slow our profits should be giving us the rule of what does it mean to be the CEO to the employees or the board of directors to the CEO just feel acknowledged as important to media platforms, financial institutions and to the elite social status quota.

It is with great remembrance that we out to treat individuals with ordinary paying jobs with kindness and respect not knowing what kind of social and financial injustices that they have to adapt too in order to make ends meets for themselves and their families. I also urge small business owners to start giving practical education to their employees who may not have the luxury of finances to adapt the fourth industrial revolution economy for the plethora of new job creation, the up skilling of education and understanding the new incoming dynamics of micro and macro environments of business.