Women’s month is coming soon on our door step in
August and I must say as society we tend to smooth out
the little things that our female counterparts do for
us from our mother’s, grandmother’s, sister’s, friends,
colleagues, girlfriends, wives and sometimes from our
own children.
With the huge number statistical rate of women and
children abuse sky rocketing high in unexpected
environments that most of us should be knowing them
as safe spaces of healthy ecosystems to learn from
and grow from have become intolerable environments
of constant abuse and can generally hold a huge
weight on one’s spirit to fully regain interpersonal
relationships skills like before.
Women and girl children should often be reminded of
the eloquence they all have in themselves and they
should have positive pride in knowing that anything
they would like to do in life that will make them
conquer anything they would like to accomplish in life
is definitely destined for them.
Regardless what life challenges you are faced with
as a woman never fight or convince a situation that
make you have doubts about your worthiness or that will cost
you your happiness whether it be for work related
activities, your self esteem or your family.
Abide to a support system that will enable you to
elevate your skills and confidence regularly. Nurturing
yourself is a continuous lifetime work in progress and
surely with that you will definitely grow differently,
accomplish success differently but most importantly
you will indulge happiness differently.