Being comfortable by earning your seat at the table
comes with great value and responsibility for yourself
as a woman because you would be knowing very well
what it took to get you to earn a seat in the boardroom
but also learning various communication dynamics
in handling different key role players in the workplace
and in business.

Earning your seat at the table goes far beyond than just having
your say, it goes through being heard and working
towards your commitments. You do not have to be
that woman who is the CEO to the business or the as‐
sociate to the firm. Even if you are just that woman
who just got that occupation that doesn’t give you
much optimism and you would like to develop yourself
in earning your way through to the seat at the table.

You got to know that as a key role player at the seat at
the table you got to always have a plan to the problem
and to the solution.

You got to know that your views are important so use
your voice to be heard.

Don’t forget to take the time to know your business
environments it takes a real deal to be sealed when
you really know your chip from back to front no matter
how long the deal is sealed.

Take care of yourself never forget to appreciate what kind of hard work you put in order to have others feel comfortable.
Sophistication is not built overnight but good charac‐
ter that is attractive from afar from being the voice in
the boardroom and being the image of your organiza‐
tion or brand takes great self awareness development,
discipline and self esteem development in building a
character that will be different from other characters.

Never underestimate yourself now to deny a future
worth wearing with positive pride.