Being a women in a global society today has its own gravitational moments where at one moment you have to fight more for your self worth from the boardroom straight to those who are close to you personally.

We as women today whether young or older we are more open to communicating and expressing our thoughts, views, opinions and the emotional situations we go through as we are gradually learn to create awareness that does indeed gives us a lot of room to assist one another where possible and needed.

We are also learning that by creating awareness we have access to various platforms where we can feel important to be heard but also to be listened too rather than to be ignored and to be described as “Too Much, Crazy, Loud, Too Forward or even Intimidating.” The only problem with individuals who feel like they have  an authority to describe you in the context to call you out to either shimmer your character or personality so that you can accommodate their insecurities and is a vital sign that you should not be maintaining relationships and friendships with such individuals because they will study your strengths and weaknesses and will regularly use it against you where you will end up start questioning yourself and start considering to change your personality and confidence to suite their insecurities and ego”s.

To women who are struggling and who may be hurting in this situation you need to know that you are already ENOUGH and loved by our networks #EngageToEvolve and #LetsTalkMillennials all you got to know is that self love is a lifetime work in progress through taking care of yourself and putting yourself first through your education, work, career, money, family and your love life. You deserve better for the better of raising our girls and daughters letting them know that they are already ENOUGH and that self care is a life time work in progress.

Thank you to Precious Mentoring Center for allowing #EngageToEvolve to be part of a nurturing journey for women and girls who are indeed learning to understand themselves one step at a time.

With Love

Melanie Madigage – #EngageToEvolve – Founder.