First Year Mark 2019

First Year Mark! #LetsTalkMillennials Campaign

September 2019

A very beautiful pathway to a fulfilling life long legacy starts with honesty it is well centred by a clear vision with a genuine purpose to a middle woman in the Millennial era of easier access to being an independent thinker, making independent decisions and making independent moves for ourselves learning to understand our worth in the world of education and work as the founders of #LetsTalkMillennials.

Tebogo and Melanie are very proud to take bold steps in believing In each other, allowing each other to think out of the box, to allow each other to be confident in being vocal and observant in areas of dissatisfaction without making other people feel insensitive about what she is incapable of being or doing but rather giving one another endless opportunities to make various views and opinions on how, where and when we can improve on our flaws as leaders within our

#LetsTalkMillennials network.

We must really acknowledge that this network started a year ago with a sole purpose and intention to remind ourselves, our fellow family members, global stakeholders especially children that they have rights to never shy away from being bold and confident in taking their roles of being students in classrooms, career women and men in their careers and business leaders in their businesses with a clear mind simple

message that will constantly evoke a reminder that

“As long as I am black, no matter how young or old
I may be, honouring my bloodline and heritage with the understanding that when I have the opportunity
to go to school, the opportunity to have a career or even have a business. I have already awarded myself the best opportunity to be part of a family bloodline that will probably be the middleman or middle woman to grow the family name in the spirit of growing in purpose and not for family popularity.”

This is our 1 year mark celebration in sharing a small intimate morning with women that came before us and before them by acknowledging that we acknowledge their tough moments they had to go personally and professionally but also it is a beautiful moment to acknowledge the spirit of love in raising us your daughters to see the need in shaping our future endeavours in how we affirm ourselves in the most positive and meaningful way in inspiring our own daughters, sisters and fellow female stakeholders to take pride in their femininity and womanhood.

This centrepiece thanks of vote wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging Motsosi agreeing to spend this remarkable afternoon with just women only because he has been a very healthy attribute to how he stressed out the importance of taking ownership
of who you are as a female let alone standing in your conviction of resilience the only person who can tell the beauty of your truth is us as individuals and especially us women who see true value in themselves without seeking validation to remember who they are.

Having you all here today means that to aspire to be something you need to be inspired by those who stood before you and beside you right now so that empowerment is a beautiful we keep on writing with true love and healthy intentions.

With warmest regards here’s to our 1 year mark 2019.

Love, #LetsTalkMillennials!