I am no ordinary person.
I am deserving to live a prosperous life.
I am more interested in having faith and letting God.
I am more concerned about the awareness of the
people who surround me and their unknown situations
and intentions they have for me.
I have no doubt in growing in who I am amazingly
meant to be.
But I am more concerned in individuals trying to fix or
change me in who they think I am ought to be.
Firstly it raises alot of awareness more than questions
that when you really know who you are you wouldn’t
spare yourself being observant of another person’s life
progressions nor patiently waiting for them to be part
of your misery to feel complete.
It really raises alot of questions whether individuals are
aware of the unhealthy and susceptible things they say
and sometimes do that makes your hair stand at the
back of neck and you really conversate with yourself
whether it is really okay to liberate what this individual
has just said or even done to me further more in our
existence of our friendship or relationship to continue
to maintain for tomorrow or even the future?

It is far important to know that no amount of money
nor social connection can buy you true stability in
status, credibility and happiness to really feel secure
and self esteemed within true human joy as you ma‐

ture older in making wiser decisions in rather raising
true healthy integrity, character, accountability and
responsibility in those you choose to call my friend, my
love, my colleague, my children and lastly I myself have
to accept in treating myself in these ethos of healthy
habits for the sake of growing healthier and happier at
my own terms and not societal understandings.