LTM: “ How would you describe yourself as a millennial?”

TM: I’m an enthusiast, very outspoken and positive about life and the future. I believe in myself and anyone that believes in themselves. 

          LTM: “ How would you describe your journey from the start and end of your academic journey?”

TM: “I went to a technical high school, that was when i made the decision that I am going to become an engineer so I then undertook subjects that were related to the field that I am about to persuade my undergraduate studies in. I then registered for a National Diploma in Civil Engineering on my first year with the Tshwane University of Technology then by the end of the first semester I then re-applied to change to a National Diploma in Surveying (Geometrics). I saw a gap and a need for young Black South African Surveyors in the field. I then took on the course until it’s completion stage. Today I am professionally registered Surveying Technician with the recognized body counsel South African Geometrics Council. “

LTM  “ What kind of lessons did you learn from your academic journey?” 

TM “That you need to focus on yourself and not to allow yourself to be carried away in things that do not have anything to do with achieving your academic goals and attaining possibly what’s best for yourself after completion of your studies. Everything else is worked hard for. Work hard and smart. “

LTM:  “ What motivated you to pursue your academic interests in Engineering?”

TM:  “Family. I was raised in around a family where most of my siblings, both brothers and cousins have taken up an interest and career in the engineering field. I was inspired right then and there. “

LTM “What gives you drive in giving your time in being a Land Survey and managing your business on the side?”

 TM:  “Other than my daughter, it’s the field itself. It’s interesting just how everything has changed in the last 10 years considering that we now live in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Surveying as it was formally known is a forever-learning field. It’s a field of Geo informatics and Geomatics. One constantly needs to teach themselves daily more about what the field has come to and where it’s going.  What gives me the drive is the willingness to always know more, allow yourself to be teachable both in the field and in business and also wanting to grow and become better than you were the day before.”

LTM: “What kind of hope would you like to bring to your family and community as a black man?”

TM “ It’s to change the perspective or rather empower young Black People like myself to take on their interests in entrepreneurship and business. My hope is to allow and see young Black People believing in themselves and believing that nothing is really impossible with God. The mind of hope I would like to bring is Empowerment to the youth and society at large.” 

LTM  “What do you appreciate about being a black man?”

TM “That We’re (I am) able to find strength through our struggles and that we’re willing to work twice as hard as the next person to attain what we wish for ourselves. One thing that I truly appreciate is that we poses the ability to change the world and our spaces and bring about change to our community or the next person after us.”

LTM “What quote do your live by?”

 TM: “By an Afrikaans saying “Bitjie Bitjie Maak Meer” which to me means Take Everything One Step At A Time.”


LTM: “Your social media handles?” 

Facebook: Tshepang Molefakgotla